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Mr. Andrew D. McKenzie

Assistant to the Superintendent for Early Childhood Services, Tulsa Public Schools        918-746-6511(W)
3027 South New Haven                                    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114                                    918-633-0144(C)

Mr. McKenzie and I worked closely together during my employment with Tulsa Public Schools. In the first few years, he was one of two elementary principals’ Professional Development representatives Committee that I led. Later, we worked together at the District Office. Mr. McKenzie is one of seven siblings to graduate from the University of Tulsa and his mother still lives in the neighborhood where she raised her children.

Ms. Elaine Reusser

Asst. Superintendent to the Assoc. Superintendent for Elementary Education, Tulsa Public Schools
3027 South New Haven                                    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114                                      918-230-1590(C)

Ms. Reusser has been a valued friend and colleague in Tulsa as well as a student of mine in the doctoral program at OU. She served on the Alternative Education Task Force for me as well as the discipline committee. She is well aware of my performance and abilities.

Dr. Jayne Sargent

Former Superintendent of Jackson and Meridian, Mississippi School Districts                  601-957-1048(H)
1606 Pear Orchard Place                                    Jackson, Mississippi 39211                               601-519-6159(C)

After retiring as Superintendent of Mississippi’s largest school District (Jackson) for five years and Meridian for two years, President of the Mississippi Association of School Superintendent’s, and the Superintendent’s delegate to the Mississippi Board of Education, Dr. Sargent became my supervisor at GEAR UP Mississippi. When I accepted the position of Assistant Superintendent in Arkansas’ second largest school district (Pulaski County), the Director of Elementary Education retired at Christmas, and Dr. Sargent came to serve in an Interim capacity. She has a broad perspective of my abilities to serve as Superintendent.

Mr. James Sharpe

Former Superintendent, Pulaski County Special School District                                         580-212-3394(C)

Mr. Sharpe had completed over five years as Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services when I first arrived in Pulaski County. He was appointed Superintendent during my tenure.

Ms. Joyce Franklin

Chief Financial Officer – Mississippi High School Activities Association                         601-924-6400(W)
Former Director of Curriculum - Madison County School District                                      601-942-2571(C)
1201 Clinton/Raymond Rd / P.O. Box 127         Clinton, Mississippi 39060               

Ms. Franklin supervised my work in Madison County as I led the development of the Magnet School Curriculum at Velma Jackson High School.

Dr. Milton Baxter

State Director – MS Association for Supervision Curriculum Development                        601-573-3899(H)
Former Assistant Commissioner for Research & Development – MS IHL                            601-591-2210(C)
120 Spring Tree                                                  Brandon, Mississippi 39042               

Dr. Baxter has known me since before I entered the field of education. He has been familiar with my career in education from the beginning and worked closely with me during my time as Coordinator of GEAR UP MS as we were both employed at the Institutions of Higher Learning at that time.

Ms. Maria “Sue” Jones

Retired Superintendent of Madison County School District                                                  601-879-8847(H)
First Avenue                                                       Flora, Mississippi 39071                                

Ms. Jones was the first superintendent for whom I worked in an administrative capacity. She hired me into Madison County and charged me with the responsibilities and expectations for the development of the Magnet Program at Velma Jackson. We have continued to maintain communication over my career in educational leadership.

Mr. Phil Garland

Fmr Lead Principal, Behavioral Alternatives – TPS School Innovations                            918-698-2422(C)

Mr. Garland and I partnered in 2006-2007 to develop the magnet program at Webster High School – he as the principal and I as the Director of Staff Development & Leadership Training for Tulsa Public Schools. He was one of the students I taught in the OU-Tulsa doctoral program in 2007. When I became Superintendent of School Innovations, I hired him in 2009 to be one of my Lead Principals. Due to the changing roles, Mr. Garland has become familiar with my abilities in diverse capacities.

Ms. Brenda Anderson

Principal, Brassfield 5th & 6th Grade Center, Bixby, OK                                                    918-366-2249(W)
Fmr Principal, Anderson Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
501 South Riverview                                           Bixby, OK 74008                          

Ms Anderson was principal at Anderson Elementary School where she supervised one of the elementary alternative programs for Tulsa Public Schools. She was in this position when I was appointed Assistant Superintendent, and we partnered together while I was in that position to fully implement the program successfully.

Ms. Oma Jean Copeland

Fmr Board Member, Tulsa Public School District                                                                918-425-3963(H)
2519 North Xanthus Avenue                               Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110-2059

I worked closely with Ms. Copeland throughout my service with Tulsa Public Schools beginning in 2006. She served as a member of the Task Force I assembled in 2008 to redesign the district alternative system.

Dr. Beverly Edwards

Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Oklahoma                                            918-660-3986(W)
4502 E. 41st Street/Schusterman Center              Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135-2512               

Dr. Edwards and I have worked together beginning in 2006 to develop the new doctoral program in educational leadership at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. The program was developed to have a strong practitioner strand in issues relative to urban leadership.

Ms. Sandy Roy

Executive Director, Pulaski Association of Certified Teachers (PACT)                              501-374-4955(W)
1500 West 4th                                                     Little Rock, Arkansas 72201                            501-565-2469(H)

Ms. Roy had first-hand knowledge of my interactions between building administrators and teachers because I served as hearing officer for employees grievances in the Division of Learning Services. She witnessed my collaboration skills as well as my transformational leadership skills as I facilitated solutions to some of the District’s most challenging situations.

Dr. Don Henderson

Former Superintendent, Pulaski County Special School District                                         501-993-0045(C)
128 Grenoble Circle                                             Maumelle, Arkansas 72113                              501-851-0029(H)

Dr. Don Henderson was the superintendent in Pulaski County who hired me into the District as his Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services. He positioned me to facilitate numerous community meetings to work on identifying constituent interests and beliefs for improving their schools. Dr. Henderson also charged me with hearing certified staff grievances and developing appropriate solutions. He also supported our efforts to redesign the Division of Learning Services to provide a focus on students, their needs, and the desired outcomes.

Mr. Gary Fox

Academic Dean, Hinds Community College – Rankin & ATC Campuses                           601-936-5553(W)
3805 Highway 80 East                                          Pearl, Mississippi 39208                     

 Mr. Fox was a teacher at one of my high schools, then hired me as an adjunct instructor at Hinds Community College. He supervised my instruction as Department Chair, then Academic Dean during the nine years I served as a psychology adjunct faculty member teaching 3-12 hours per semester.

Ms. Sammye Jean Webb

Past President - Forest Municipal School District Board
1600 Highway 35 North                                        Forest, Mississippi 39074                               601-469-4056(H)

Ms. Webb was the President of the School Board during my time as High School Principal in Forest. She has continued to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to me in my career.

Mr. Mike Strong

Executive Director, Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation               
900 North Stiles                                                    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104                  405-815-5295(W)

I have served for two years in Tulsa on the District Strategic Planning Committee and have served as an examiner for the Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation for four years under the leadership of Mr. Strong. As Director of Staff Development and Leadership Training, I led in the development of training that aligned our site improvement plans to the District Strategic Plan in accordance with the Baldrige model for continuous improvement.

Mr. Kenny Rodrequez

Former Director of Alternative Schools – Tulsa Public School District                                           918-746-6303(W)
3027 South New Haven Road/P.O. Box 470208   Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-208    

Mr. Rodrequez is one of the rising stars in administration in Tulsa Public Schools. I have worked with him since 2006 as mentor, two-year evaluator for Oklahoma Quality Award, co-presenter of numerous professional development and supervisor in his service as Lead Principal for Academic Alternatives.

Dr. Michael E. Zolkoski

Former Superintendent, Tulsa Public School District                                                           956-466-6625(C)
Superintendent, Ysleta Independent School District                                                             915-434-0032(W)
9600 Sims Drive                                                     El Paso, Texas 79925                       

Dr. Zolkoski was my superintendent in Tulsa Public Schools during the 2008-2009 school year. We worked closely on a number of community projects, professional development ventures, and the development of the Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant application that subsequently won $12 million – the largest award from the federal MSAP in that grant cycle. The program redesigned four of the district’s high schools as magnets for fine arts, culinary arts, digital broadcast media, and aviation/wave mechanics technology.

Mr. Don Rigsby

Retired Principal, Velma Jackson Magnet High School
127 Bridgewater Drive Madison,                            Mississippi 39110                                          601-859-8482(H)

Mr. Rigsby was my principal for the first full year of deployment at Velma Jackson Magnet High School. He supervised my leadership in curriculum and instruction as well as in evaluation, non-renewal, and reassignment of many staff members to create an effective academic program.

Ms. Tammy Marler

Fmr Director of Public Information, Tulsa Public School District
c/o 3027 South New Haven Road
P.O. Box 470208                                                  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-208

Ms. Marler and I have worked closely on a significant number of District initiatives to design marketing materials, engage internal and external stakeholders, and promote the services of Tulsa Public Schools.

Mr. Bill Barnes

Former Director of Secondary Education, Pulaski County Special School District            501-562-6403(H)

Mr. Barnes was the Principal at Mills University Studies High School for approximately twenty years before being promoted to the Director of Secondary Education position. During the first decade of his leadership, he led the school from being a gang-infested low-performing school to being on the list of America’s top 100 high schools every year for the last decade; one year they were in the top twenty and this year, based on Mr. Barnes last year as principal, they are number 35. Mr. Barnes was elected leader of the principals’ association during the time that I was Assistant Superintendent.

Ms. Jo Prather

Consultant                                                                                                                                972-542-4633(W)
Fmr Director of Elementary Curriculum – Madison County School District
2719 Parkside Lane                                               McKinney, TX 75070-4752

Ms. Prather worked with me in the vertical alignment of curriculum during my time in Madison County. She also included me on a regular basis as a professional developer both during and after my employment in Madison County Schools. Ms. Prather nominated me to the Board of the Mississippi Reading Association in 2003, and we served together in that capacity until 2005.

Ms. Marty Nix

President, Pulaski Association of Certified Teachers (PACT)                                               870-534-0531(H)
1500 West 4th                                                       Little Rock, Arkansas 72201                          870-413-6769(C)

Ms. Nix was the president of the Pulaski County Certified Teachers during my second year I served in the district as Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services. She and I worked closely and effectively together both years I was in the district in response to teacher concerns as well as in the redesign of Jacksonville Middle School as a pair of gender-specific schools on adjoining campuses.

Ms. Deen Minton

Past President, Pulaski Association of Certified Teachers (PACT)                                     501-225-2775 (H)
1500 West 4th                                                       Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Ms. Minton was the president of the Pulaski Association of Certified Teachers during the first year I served in the district as Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services. She and I worked closely and effectively to satisfy teacher concerns with a goal of reaching solutions before grievances were officially filed.

Dr. Donna Lander

PhD Committee Chairman - JSU Department of Education Administration
P.O. Box 17175                                                    Jackson, Mississippi 39217                    

Dr. Lander was one of my graduate professors at Jackson State University and served as the Chairman of my dissertation committee.

Dr. Darlene Thurston

Retired Associate Professor – JSU Department of Education Administration                     601-957-9989(H)

Dr. Lander was one of my graduate professors at Jackson State University, a member of my dissertation committee, and instrumental in hiring/supervising me as an adjunct in the department to teach the doctoral level program evaluation course.

Dr. John Koeppel

Professor – USM Department of Psychology                                                                           601-956-3984(H)

I worked for Dr. Koeppel as his graduate assistant during master of school psychology program at the University of Southern Mississippi. He was very familiar with me, my academics, and my interests/abilities.

Ms. Gwen Williams

Past President, Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education
c/o P.O. Box 8601
925 East Dixon Road                                             Little Rock, Arkansas 7221

Ms. Carol Burgett

Retired School Administrator, Former PCSSD Board Member                                             501-835-1311(H)
35 Fairfield Drive North                                         Little Rock, Arkansas 721120                        501-920-6311(C)

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